How much exercise does my dog need?

Is Your Dog Getting Enough Exercise ?

Most people recognize that getting regular exercise and staying fit, not only makes you feel better, but  can also keep you healthy. And the same applies for your pets. A well exercised pet will be happier and healthier. So the question is, does your dog get enough exercise ? Here are a few reasons why you should exercise your dog daily and some forms of exercise that you can do with your pet.

Why Your Dog Needs Exercise

This all depends on the breed of dog but even the house bound, toy breed dog needs some form of exercise. In most cases smaller dogs can get enough exercise round the house and going outside in the back yard every day. Other dogs, particularly big dogs and working breed dogs need much more exercise.

For instance the Husky or Malamute breed of dog thrive on exercise and need to get a lot each day. Closer to home the blue heeler or Australian cattle dog is another “working” dog. It thrives on plenty of exercise. Both these breeds of dog are now popular as pets and live in suburban environments. Consequently they don't get the exercise they need which means they have excess energy.

All dogs need to burn off energy each day. If they have too much energy, this can lead to behavioral problems. For instance, a dog that is cooped up in the back yard  or indoors each day, is likely to bark at every person that walks past the house. A dog that has just been on a long walk is likely to be more easy going. A dog that is stuck in the backyard, may direct it's energy to digging holes in the lawn or other undesirable acts.

Why You Need The Exercise

The fact is that you probably don't get enough exercise too. Walking or playing with your dog is a good way to get this exercise. In most cases it is a fun activity. For example, watching your dog run after a ball or catch a Frisbee is enjoyable. Part of the problem with formal exercise is that it soon gets boring. By playing with your dog, you won't even think about how tedious an exercise is.

Also, by spending time with your pet, you are bonding with them more closely. This will develop your relationship and ultimately enforce your dominance in the relationship in a kind and caring way.   

Types Of Exercise

You can do all sorts of things with your dog. Whatever springs to mind in fact. More variety is probably better for both of you. I think the most important thing is to try to get into the habit of doing it everyday.

A few exercise ideas include walking. Dogs love to go for a walk in a strange environment. If you are close to the bush or a forest then this is the ideal place to take your dog. Let it off the leash to explore the different sights and smells. It will be the highlight of your pets week.

Failing that, take it for a walk round the neighborhood.

If you don't have the time to take it for a walk everyday, then simply play with it a bit in the backyard. Fetching a ball or some kind of doggy toy is a simple game that will keep your pet happy. If you have a pool and your dog knows and likes to swim them let it paddle in the pool. This will also help it to cool down during the warm weather of summer.

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