Choosing a Pet


Choosing a pet is an important decision that one should research and think carefully about. Choosing the right pet for your lifestyle, family and other commitments is a big decision we have a few tips.

Bath Time!!

Are you a cat person or a dog person?

Ever been on a date and someone has asked if you’re a dog or cat person? Does the answer really matter? Or is there meaning behind it? According to a poll by Associated Press, there are a lot more dog people out there, since 74% of their test sample feel they ...

Posted By chantelle
8th April 2014
Duration : 2 Minute Read
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Choosing a dog

Choosing the right Dog

How to select the perfect pet dog for your home and family. If you have decided to get a pet dog for your home, it bears giving some thought to the decision before selecting an animal that you hope will be a cherished and integral part of the family. Selecting a puppy because ...

Posted By mick
26th October 2012
Duration : 3 Minute Read
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Adopt a Pet

Adopt or buy from a breeder

Should you adopt your next pet dog or go to a breeder? Many famous people prefer to adopt their pets from shelters or elsewhere rather than go to a breeder. President Obama is famous for adopting a Portuguese water spaniel that they named Bo. Other people in the spotlight ...

Posted By mick
24th October 2012
Duration : 3 Minute Read
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