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Are you a cat person or a dog person?

Ever been on a date and someone has asked if you’re a dog or cat person? Does the answer really matter? Or is there meaning behind it?

According to a poll by Associated Press, there are a lot more dog people out there, since 74% of their test sample feel they are dog people and only 41% are cat people.

I feel the connection between people and cats is a lot different than the connection between people and dogs. Most Dogs are sociable; they enjoy playing with you and sleeping next to you. They crave attention and love and without anyone around they feel lost.

Most cats I have come across, in contrast are quite snobby no matter how hard you try to change them. They are never to be seen during the day and only as kittens or occasionally do they enjoy playing and interacting with people. If they do, it will be for a very small amount time, unlike dogs that could fetch and play for hours on end, it’s usually us giving up first!

Just on the basis of the nature of dogs being more sociable than cats, you would think dog lovers are more sociable than cat lovers?

But what makes us a dog or cat person? Do we happen to like cats because that is what our parents liked? Did we have a negative experience as a child? I don’t think this is true, I feel I am more a dog person while my sister is a cat person but we have had a similar upbringing. You would think I would be the cat person after being bitten by my neighbour’s dog at a young age and my sister has never had a bad experience with dogs. And neither of us have had a bad experience with a cat. (Apart from the scratches I use to have for trying to dress my cat up like a doll)

Maybe our personality steers us toward one type of pet or another?

And can these feelings change over my life; will I grow into a cat person? Is there a particular breed that will change my mind?

Most people should know which one they are but if you don’t know ask yourself this: “If living space, money and people weren’t an issue if someone gave you a puppy or a kitten as a pet which one would you keep?”

Let me know your thoughts below!


Posted By chantelle
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