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Adopt or buy from a breeder

Should you adopt your next pet dog or go to a breeder?

Many famous people prefer to adopt their pets from shelters or elsewhere rather than go to a breeder. President Obama is famous for adopting a Portuguese water spaniel that they named Bo. Other people in the spotlight prefer to go down the adoption route. Justin Bieber adopted a Papillon pup which he called Sammy. Other famous “celebs” include Charlize Theron who has rescued 8 dogs over the years. Robert Downey Jr. rescued some abandoned kittens. Adopting a pet rather than buying from a pet store or breeder is in vogue but also makes a lot of sense.

Sad Truth

It's estimated that 250,000 dogs and cats are euthanized each year in Australia. The sad truth is that these animals are found roaming the streets having been abandoned or are taken to a shelter or pound because their owners who can't afford to keep them or in some cases simply have lost interest in them.

Many of these animals have a few weeks to find a new home or they will be put down. In many cases there is nothing wrong with these animals. The stigma that animals in a shelter have some kind of problem is largely a myth. It's mainly their former owners that have the real problem but the animals often pay with their lives. Sure some animals have been abused and may have developed social problems as a result but these can often be remedied with proper care.

Another myth is that you can't get the kind of dog (or cat) that you want through adoption. The truth is that you can get just about any breed of dog or cat. You can also get puppies and kittens if you prefer. If you want a pet that is already house trained or has other behavioural issues sorted out then an older dog may be the way to go.

In fact, we really don't need to buy from breeders or pet shops as there are already enough to go around. Most vets agree that cross breeds are less susceptible to common ailments that typically pedigree dogs can be more susceptible to. Lie Pedigree dogs, cross-breeds have a special character of their own and make great pets. 

Breeders and Pet Shop Animals

In some cases, going down the breeder route does make sense. If you are after a pure breed animal and are going to show your dog then this might make sense. But if you just want a pet or companion for you and your family, it makes less sense.

Outside of pure breeds, people that breed dogs to sell to other people or to pet shops, are running a business. The animal in many cases is just another thing to be sold. You hear all sorts of tales about cramped conditions that puppies have to endure in “puppy farms”. They are also poorly socialised and in some cases taken away from their mother too soon. Of course there are good breeders that genuinely care for their animals and usually these are found through recommendation from reliable friends.


Adopting a dog (or cat), puppy (or kitten) makes sense. We should be first doing our best to stop putting perfectly healthy animals down because somebody has either lost interest in them, or can no longer afford to take care of them or in some cases the owners having passed away. Most dogs that come from a shelter or pound have been spayed or neutered which prevents more unwanted litters and in most cases come with some level of basic training and lots of love for their new owners.


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