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Reasons your cat is not using the litter box

Reasons your cat is not using the litter box

4 Reasons your cat is not using the litter box

If you are reading this now, you probably just adore your feline friend, however, what you probably don’t love, or even hate about your cat is her/him not peeing and pooping where she/he is supposed to.  After all, who likes smelly couches or stinky carpets?

But before you start pointing fingers (at the cat of course), is she/he really the one to blame?  To find a solution (and I don’t mean getting rid of the little fur ball) take a closer look at the problem.  Here are the top reasons your cat is not using the littler box.  You might be surprised at just what you will find.

Reason Number One: Dirty Litter Box

You should know that a cat’s sense of smell is way stronger than humans.  So if you, yourself, can’t stand a dirty and smelly toilet, all the more reason a cat won’t use a dirty litter box.


It is actually really simple.  I’m not saying that you should stand guard by the litter box and clean it every time she/he goes, but you should scoop it at least twice a day.  Remember, you don’t only want to get rid of the poop, but make sure to get rid of the pee too.  And just as a toilet needs to be cleaned, be sure to wash your kitty’s litter box too before you give it a refill.

Reason Number Two: Wrong Kind Of Litter

When a cat uses a the litter box, remember that she/he has to enter on all fours.  So the wrong kind of litter might be a problem.  If you are currently using pellets, crystals, or even the non clumping kind, this can be very uncomfortable for your pet.  Plus, those types don’t even do a very good job of getting rid of urine too.


Change your litter.  You want to look for the clumping scoopable kind (this is great not only for the cat but for the owner too - much easier to clean), one that is dust free as some cats have a history of asthma or allergies (yes, kitties can get that too), and opting for the ones that are unscented are favored best by cats.  

Reason Number Three: The Box Is Too Small

When a cat has to do his business, she/he has to get comfortable first.  How is this possible if the litter box is just slightly bigger than she/he is?


Get a bigger box.  When it comes to litter boxes, the bigger, the better.  Sure you might have gotten a relatively small one when she/he was a kitten, but you should know that cats outgrow their boxes as they get older.  So it is probably a good idea to get a large one right away instead of having to buy a new one later on.

Reason Number Four: Medical Problems

Cats get sick too, and this may very well be the reason your pet stops using his litter box.  It could be anything from diabetes, bladder stones, cystitis, or even feline UTI.


If your cat has a medical problem, or even if you just feel like she/he does, then the only thing is to go to the professional and let her/him properly diagnose your pet.  Make an appointment with your cat’s vet asap.

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