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Five foods you should never feed your cat

Five foods you should never feed your cat

Top 5 Foods You Should Never Feed Your Cat

Knowing what not to feed your cat is just as important as knowing what to.  If you want to keep your kitty healthy and happy, as most cat lovers do, then you should definitely make sure that these foods are never part of your feline friends diet.

So here are the top 5 foods you should never feed your cat.  The last two are definitely the most surprising.  Read on and find out.


When it comes to cats, onions can actually be toxic.  Whether raw or cooked or even just the powder, you should steer clear from onions when preparing your cat’s dish.  Onions actually damage and even destroy your cat’s red blood cells which may very well lead to Heinz body anemia.  This makes cats lethargic (much more than normal at least for the older ones), lose appetite, lose weight, and have rapid breathing to name a few symptoms.


The next time you open a bar of snickers, be sure to keep it to yourself.  Chocolate can be very dangerous to cats and basically all animals in general-not because of the risk of getting fat.  You see, chocolate has a substance called theobromine.  Although it is pretty much harmless to you, it can actually be the death of your pet.  Even just a little chocolate can lead to a major kitty heart attack. 

Dog Food (Duh!)

Well, it is called dog food for a reason.  Different pets have different needs - that is why they are labeled accordingly and not just “Pet Food” or “Animal Food” in general.  Although your kitty would probably wolf it down, dog food does not have enough fat and protein to meet your kitty’s nutritional needs.


Yes, you read that right.  Tuna is not a good idea.  Sure your cat will love it - but that is actually the scary part.  Even if your cat food is merely tuna flavored, once he gets hooked on this stuff, there is a huge possibility that he won’t want to eat anything else.  But addiction is not the only problem.   If served in large amounts, you put your cat at risk of mercury poisoning and even yellow disease.


As shocking as it may sound, milk is not good for adult cats.  Sure, you can give it to them when they are little, but once you wean them from it, you should keep the milk away because they will no longer be able to digest lactose properly.  So unless you don’t mind cleaning up a whole lot of poop because this will lead to diarrhea, stick to water instead.


Feeding your pets scraps off your dinner plate might seem harmless or a treat, but you should think again. In many cases people feed their pets the worst parts of the meal, like the fatty parts of meat for instance. This could have an adverse affect on your cat's health if done on a regular basis. Also cats may be more sensitive to rich foods that humans consume, leading to conditions like kidney disease.

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