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Basics of bathing your cat

Basics of bathing your cat

The Basics of Bathing Your Pet Cat

Sure your pet cat probably licks herself/himself clean, but nothing beats good old soap and water.  Yes, it is true, even cats need to take a bath, despite their constant self grooming.  Now, I’m not saying that you should bathe your little fur ball every day - not even close.  Once every 6 weeks is ideal.

Now, it is no secret that cats and water don’t go well (unless you started bathing yours when she/he was just a little kitten, that is).  But giving your pet a bath does not have to result in a wet and wild freak out fiasco.  Simply follow the basics of bathing your pet cat and you should get the job done scratch free.

What You Need :

Before soaking you feline friend, you want to make sure that you have everything ready.  You want to make the bath as quick and easy as possible, especially if it’s his first.

It is best to do this in your bathroom, you will have access to all the water you need and you can close the door in case your pet attempts the great escape.

• A tub or basin where your cat can fit.  Fill it up just enough so that only your cat’s legs will get soaked.  Just like your bath, make sure that the water is just right. • Cat shampoo, medicated ones are good to keep fleas away. • Hand held shower head- or a watering can will work too. • A large towel

Once you have everything ready in arms reach, you and your cat are good to go.

TIP: You want to calm you cat down first, so it is a good idea to brush him down for a couple of minutes before the bath.  Plus, this is a great way to get rid of any loose fur and sticky spots.

TIP: Unless you want to get scratches here and there, it is wise to trim her/his claws before the bath begins.

What To Do:

1. First you want to get a good hold on your cat with one hand.  Grasp the little critter by the neck FIRMLY but GENTLY. 2. Next, you want to wet your cat down.  Start from the head making your way to the tail. 3. You want to shampoo your pet the same way - head to tail leaving the legs for last.  Make sure that you do not get any suds on her/his face - especially the eye, nose, and mouth area.  Depending on what kind of shampoo you are using, you should lather and leave on for 5-15 minutes.  READ INSTRUCTIONS BEFOREHAND. Also, get a pet approved shampoo, some human shampoos may react badly with an animals skin. 4. Rinse thoroughly.  You do not want to leave any of the shampoo on at all.  Remember cats lick themselves.  You definitely don’t want any of the shampoo to get in contact with your pets tongue after. 5. Squeeze out any excess water from the fur.  Your cat will probably shake a lot of it off too. Then dry off with a towel.  It is a good idea to wrap your cat up and pet her/him to calm her/him down and to reward her/him at the same time.

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